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An Australian Country Music Singer, Songwriter and Musician



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Harley Davidsons have been a longterm passion of Melbourne singer-songwriter and this comes to life in his new single aptly titled, Harley Ride.

“I love Harley Davidsons, wild music and whiskey and am heavily involved in the HOG Club and play country rock, so I wanted to write something different, there are not many songs written about Harleys in the country arena and I don’t sing sad songs.”

His musical style is often considered ‘rowdy’ – a blend of country, rock and blues that keeps the crowd entertained and on their feet for the entire show.   "Kick Arse Country, is what I like to call it".....


Jason has never been one to toe the line ... his musical influences of Waylon Jennings, Travis Tritt,

Hank Williams Jnr, ZZ Top, Kid Rock, Dire Straits and more shine through in his live shows and his songwriting.

2023 is the year for the new album, "Born To Ride".  

Born To Ride is everything typically Jason.     Whiskey, Harleys, Good times and Kick Arse Country Music.     

Get Ready - Get Excited - Born To Ride will be released June 2023.

In 1995, Jason released his debut album Man in the Black Hat including 13 songs – 12 were written by Jason himself plus a collaboration with Glen Ford on the first single of the album Southerly Change.

This single reached #3 on the Australian Country Charts with over 10,000 albums sold in 1995-96.


Jason joined Montana as Lead Singer alongside Charley Boyter (Guitar), Allan James (Bass) and Greg Fisher (Drums). The band toured the east coast working their own shows and also as a backing band for many great Australian artists. The connection with Slim Dusty and Charley Boyter saw the band play at Slim’s birthday party three years in a row. Over time the band changed its name to 'Bushfire’ – showcasing a more Australian feel, then to the ‘Charley Boyter Band’. The band members also changed a few times, with the final line up including Brian K Kelly’s son, Ben Kelly (Bass) and renowned concert drummer, Tony Macklin. It was this final line up that recorded the last album ‘Bushfire 25th Anniversary’, incorporating all of the most popular requests over the past 25 years of touring together.


2021 is a new beginning for all and has Jason releasing his new solo album Honky Tonk Life. 13 rowdy songs – all about living life to the full and having a wild good time. He has drawn on his influences of blues and rock, and mixed them with country to come up with an album that once you put it on, will make you want to get up out of your seat, grab a drink and hit the dance floor ... as Jason says ‘country with drive’.


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